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We're a strategic marketing consultancy.
What We Do

What We Do

We help B2B technology companies attract more leads that convert to revenue using digital marketing and sales content that strongly connects to their customers and the challenges they face.


When you publish content that isn't based on the issues your customers are facing, they ignore it. We do the groundwork that allows you to build truly engaging content.

Brand Positioning and Identity
Messaging and Editorial Strategy
Content Strategy
Keyword Research
Social Media Planning
Website Information Architecture
Lead Generation Strategy


The most powerful stories are often visual. We work with you to create beautiful, quick-to-grasp visual content that keeps pulling your customers and prospects closer to your brand.

Brand Graphics
Collateral Systems and Design
Presentation Design
Infographic Development
Responsive Web Design
Video Concept and Production
Environmentals (Exhibits, Signage)


You already have great sources. We help draw out the content from your inside experts to develop stories that always engage and inform your customers and prospects.

Social Media Content
Content Curation
Email Marketing
Product Content (Web/Collateral)
Customer Stories
Articles/Blog posts

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Work We've Done

A sample of our recent client projects.

Product Communications

Editorial / Visual Content - Brochures

Responsive Website

Content Strategy / Responsive Design

Presentation Visualization

Visual Content - Brand Iconography

How We Work

  We've been around long enough to know that results get better by collaborating.  We combine your thinking with our three decades of experience to generate clearer ideas about the things that really matter to your customers.


    Specify and verify

    We ask questions and listen closely to be certain we agree on what you need to accomplish and how to know when we're successful.

  • Discover

    Research and strategy

    We check our preconceived notions at the door. Our ability to choose the best creative approach depends on more than learning what you know. We internalize that understanding by doing our own discovery.

  • Develop

    Create and iterate

    Using creative sprints we engage your feedback early and often. We consistently produce content that incorporates the best ideas because there is real shared ownership in the output.

  • Deploy

    Measure and repurpose

    After content is distributed we explore changes to improve response and use that as input to the next program. We're always looking for ways to repurpose content so you get the most from your investment.

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Who We Are

EMSAAN, based in New York's Hudson Valley, is the marketing consultancy founded by Eric Waldschmidt. While New York is our home, we work with global clients in any location. We've been helping technology companies like EMC, Deltek, and Savi Technology conceive and produce extraordinary marketing content since 2003.

Eric Waldschmidt

Founder and Principal

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